Livestock and Poultry

We offer a variety of friends ready for the freezer. At this time, you may purchase the animal plus pay the additional fee for butchering and processing. However, you have the option to only purchase the animal and take care of the rest on your own as well. Just let us know what you prefer! When you are ready to order, fill out the “submit an order” form and let us know what you need.” 

Please note- if you choose to add the additional fee for the butchering and processing- payment will be collected up front to cover for that service. Otherwise, just like with everything else we offer, you may pay at pick up/drop off

Freezer Camp ready:



Chicks: we have Easter Eggers & backyard mixes (Rhode Island Reds hens mixed with Olive Egger rooster; Black Copper Maran & Brahma)

baby chicks $5 each (1-4 week old)

Young pullets: $15 each (1-6 months)

Laying hens: $25 each (6 -18 months)


Ducklings: we have backyard crosses (Swedish, black runner, crested)

$5 each (1-4 week old)

Young ducks: &15 each (1-6 months)

Laying ducks: $25 each (6-18 months)


Berkshire/Oxford sandy & black Cross

     6-12 months $250/each-- perfect age for freezer camp!

Sows $400/each

Piglets (1 month) $100/each - raise your own


Boer meat goats

8-12 months $300/each-- perfect age for freezer camp!

Nanny $350/each

Kids (3 months old- weened) $150/each- raise your own


Californian/New Zealand Cross

3-5 months $75/each --perfect each of freezer camp!

6 month old Trio (1 male with 2 females) $200/trio


Retired Dairy Cows

Message us for details

On the order form, please specify your butchering and processing section and we will e-mail what the additional fees will be - which is based on what animal you purchase and procesor costs at that time.